My first review of 2009: Fall Out Boy – Folie a Deux

This is a band that, try as you might cannot be avoided, for better or worse.   So I am going to go ahead and51b31i4j7cl_sl500_aa240_ tell you what my far from professional opinions are on this particular album.

Fall Out Boy’s last effort, Infinity On High showed us a band that was shedding its pop punk shell for good and replacing it with something that can only be described as arena rock.  When a band gets as big as this one, it is easy to leave behind subtlety and go straight for crowd pleasing anthems.  This is evidenced by lyrics like, “Put all your cameras in the air, and wave them like you just don’t care.”  This band is clearly writing songs that translate into an epic Bon Jovian experience at the live shows.  At that end they do what they do very well, and with all of the added instrumentation that we’ve seen on the last two albums FOB is just as epic as ever.

When I first popped on this album I was kind of surprised to find Patrick Stump serenading me with a piano ballad that admittedly I found quite enjoyable. In fact, I really enjoyed the first three tracks of this album. On the second track I was again thrown off by a funky little rocking guitar riff not unlike you would hear on a ZZ Top album. Of course it eventually devolves into a chanty (albeit catchy) anthem backed by power chords, but I was intrigued non-the-less.  The middle of the album is where I start to become a bit indifferent to the constantly epic nature of the album as the songs become less fun and I realize that I really don’t care what Stump has to say.

After several listens I don’t hate this CD. In fact, the worst songs on this album only strike me as being mediocre. And the worst that I can say about the best songs is that they do seem to be drenched in production much of the time but that doesn’t stop them from being enjoyable for what they are heart pumping arena rocking anthems made to get all the teenage girls (and boys, but mostly girls (I went to a P!ATD show I know the demographics we are dealing with)) singing at the top of their lungs. The bottom line is that if you like any of FOB’s previous singles then this album is definitely one worth purchasing. If you are undecided about Fall Out Boy then this album is definitely worth a listen, however that may occur ( illegal or otherwise), if you just loath this band well I doubt that is going to change and I wonder why you have read this far into my review.


Fall Out Boy’s – Folie a Deux – 7.0 out of 10.0


~ by mediametric on January 14, 2009.

2 Responses to “My first review of 2009: Fall Out Boy – Folie a Deux”

  1. Lyrics like “Put all your cameras in the air, and wave them like you just don’t care.”: The way it’s used in the song, yes, it allows for a big epic anthem; but the lyric in itself and the whole attitude of the CD in general show a type of self-awareness where Fall Out Boy KNOW that they are the teeny-bop pop sensations and media hogs that they are. Like a cheesy undeveloped comic book super villain, this CD shows that Fall Out Boy are simply reveling in what they are.

  2. “if you just loath this band well I doubt that is going to change and I wonder why you have read this far into my review.” This is how I think I feel about FOB. I want to hate FOB,and on many levels I do. However, somewhere deep, deep down in the pits of musical experience they remind me of my adolescence. When I listened to this album, to be honest Ben, I agreed with you, I didn’t hate it. I did immediately notice the overwhelming amount of production dripping from every second…and now I am utterly confused. I think my final verdict is that I now loath them, not for their pop-punk chords daring you to ‘pogo’, but their shallow and almost pointless lyrics. Oh, and on a completely unrelated subject, CONGRATS on the big news!

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