Review: The Von Bondies – Love, Hate, And Then There’s You

Released:  February 3, 2009

pictureWho doesn’t enjoy a solid rock album? I know I do. Ever since I listened to Pawn Shoppe Heart, The Von Bondies’ breakout album that was carried by the immensely catchy tune ‘Come on, come on,’ I thought that this was a band that would be back and recapture the spotlight one day. Pawn Shoppe Heart was a really solid rock album that for whatever reason did not receive much in the way of critical acclaim. Well they are indeed back, whether or not they will capture any sort of mainstream audience remains to be seen. However, judging by what I hear on this latest album I have to say that I have faith that this band is not going to fade into obscurity any time soon.

For the most part Love, Hate, And Then There’s You is not much of a leap from The Von Bondies’ major label debut album. The one two main differences are that this album is a little less broad in its sonic scope. The second difference, which is just my opinion, is that this album is through and through catchier and more consistent in overall song quality (and enjoyability). While this latest album is lacking a blockbuster hit like ‘Come on, Come on’, I contend that this album is slightly more interesting musically and no less than 1.3 times more fun (I would divulge how I came up with that number but it’s a trade secret).

What specifically is so good about this band you ask? Well of course the cornerstone of The Von Bondies sound is the crooning vocals of Jason Stollsteimer. The guitar and bass on this album are played by two young ladies who provide vocal backup and really tie the whole package in a nice neat poppy little bow. And last but not least, the drumming of one Mr. Don Blum is one of the elements that really takes this album from being a bland pop rock album to being something substantially more exciting.

It is important to note that this album is quite catchy, and as such it does lose some luster after the 5th or 6th listen. But it is definitely worth the trip.

Bottom Line:

If you are looking for emotional depth and heartfelt ballads then this is far from the right place to look. However, if you are looking for a pop rock album with solid hooks and crooning vocals, then the Von Bondies are your guys (and girls).


The Von Bondies – Love, Hate, And Then There’s You: 7.8 out of 10.0


~ by mediametric on February 4, 2009.

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