Kyle XY… X-Tinct!

That’s right, folks. ABC family’s drama about some dude from space with no belly button is getting the axe. I’ve never watched this show, but I’ve always been mildly curious for a couple of reasons:

1. His name is my name, so he must be awesome.

2. I believe there isn’t enough science ficiton mystery on basic television channels, so any addition to that field sounds like a good idea.

3. I’ve been told if you just glance at the title of the show really fast, you might actually see “Kyle Sexy”, which winds up complimenting me; and I happen to find compliments very flattering.

Goodbye Kyle... I might make it to season 2 alone to see that woman behind you

Goodbye Kyle... I might make it to season 2 just to see that woman behind you

Apparently I’m one of the several million who never got around to watching the show and ABC has finally had enough. Which is ultra disappointing, because I swear to god I read about its cancellation the DAY after I finally added Season 1 Disc 1 into my Netflix queue. Now I’m forced to ask myself “Why Bother?” Which is a total bummer, because it’s not like I didn’t already have enough trouble trying to get myself to watch the show. I’m extremely nervous about the idea of watching a science fiction family drama, because this means I most likely won’t be witnessing any laser gun shootouts or robot battles. Oh well, it seems that Disc 1 is already en route to my house and I will finally start watching the show 3 years too late. Whoops… sorry Kyle.

Here’s hoping the show either:

1. Sucks and I stop watching.

2. Is awesome and gets a chance to get some closure from its final season.

My life is an adventure. Until next time…

– Kyle


~ by axknel on February 6, 2009.

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