Review: Tonight: Franz Ferdinand

franz-ferdinand-tonight2Release Date: January 27, 2009

Since the release of their much acclaimed debut album, Franz Ferdinand has beaten the odds and managed maintain a modest level of relevance following the unassailable success of their single “Take Me Out”. While their second album was less revered by critics it still had moments of catchiness that even rival “Take Me Out” (If I so much as think about the song “Do You Want To” I will spend the better part of the day with that chorus stuck in my head and singing it to those around me. Yes, that includes while I type this review).

On Franz Ferdinand’s third album, Tonight, we see these Scotsmen doing what they do best and doing it largely in the same way we have become accustomed to. That is not to say that this band has in any way worn out their sound. In order to keep things fresh, it seems that Franz Ferdinand has taken the same step that many bands have been of late and begun relying more heavily on electronic instrumentation. However, the music still revolves around the airtight rhythm section provided by Paul Thompson (drums) and Bob Hardy (bass) and on top of those oh-so-danceable beats, Alex Kapranos’ vocals are just as debonair as ever. While tracks like ‘Ulysses’ and ‘Bite Hard’ are very familiar territory for Franz Ferdinand being that they groove hard and are certain to get stuck in your head, this album also provides a different Franz Ferdinand experience with tracks like ‘Lucid Dreams’ and ‘Katherine Kiss Me’. ‘Lucid Dreams’ starts out in decidedly charted waters but as the track goes on it delves deeper and deeper into electronica status, until it evolves into full-blown trance and eight minutes later comes to an end. ‘Katherine Kiss Me’ is unique to Franz Ferdinand’s body of work simply because it is just Alex Kapranos’ crooning over a fingerpicked acoustic guitar.

The Bottom Line:

If you enjoyed Franz Ferdinand’s previous two albums, or anything off of them, this album is certainly worth a listen or three. However, if somehow you have never heard Franz Ferdinand before, this album may not be the best place to start simply because there are a few more weak tracks on Tonight than on their prior efforts.


Franz Ferdinand – Tonight: 7.7 out of 10.0


~ by mediametric on March 3, 2009.

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