Television Review: Law & Order Special Victims Unit – Season 10 Episode 15 “Lead”

If this crew SUPPORTED rape, we'd all be screwed...

If this crew SUPPORTED rape, we'd all be screwed...

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit made its triumphant return to television Tuesday night after some spotty post-holiday scheduling (this is the 4th episode since they returned in January). Tonight’s episode decided to switch up the typical Law & Order formula and instead switched to their completely overplayed “switch up formula” and started the episode in the courtroom.  Not only did the episode start in the courtroom, the alleged sex offender was convicted before the opening credits hit. What was interesting is soon after the conviction the officers at SVU were then sued for not arresting the sex offender as soon as he was reported. The lawsuit claimed that they were just as responsible for the abuse suffered to any of the man’s victims after they first heard reports of his activities and didn’t arrest him… because they had to do that petty stuff like prove he was guilty first.

I found this to be a fantastic storyline that I don’t believe has been explored in SVU yet; so needless to say I was hooked before the opening credits started. Unfortunately, this plot line was quickly dropped after some vigilante wound up murdering the sex offender and we were thrust back into a fun investigate-the-dead-guy’s-murder story.

Typical investigation aside, this episode hit all the right marks and managed to include all of the SVU detectives and that wacky FBI pathologist Dr. Huang. Let’s forget about that for a moment because this episode brought back Alexandra Cabot (Stephanie March)! The last we saw of Ms. Cabot was 4 years ago and before that she was written out of the show quite tragically. I wasn’t always the biggest fan of her as a prosecutor, but seeing her return reminded me how lacking the show is without a strong lead in the prosecutor role. The current prosecutor, Kim Grayleck, has been such a small presense on the show so far, it’s hard to even care if she’s around. With the return of Cabot for this episode, we found alot more courtroom time then SVU has been seeing lately and some really good courtroom ethics that Cabot had to fight through. It’s great to see Cabot in an episode and give her strong courtroom material, but it’s a shame that they don’t (or possibly can’t?) ever give this type of material to Grayleck, to actually give her something to do.

"That's right judge, hitmen don't scare me; I have vigilantes to stop."

Hitmen can't touch this... successfully...

All in all, I found this to be a very well written and captivating episode of SVU. I got a piece of all my favorite characters, got to see Cabot relive a character who used to be important to the show, and interesting stories were brought up (even if they weren’t followed up). Hopefully SVU can continue making episodes of this caliber for the remainder of the season, even if their lead actress has a collapsed lung.

Rating: 8.0 out of 10


~ by axknel on March 13, 2009.

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