Television: 2009 FOX Fall Lineup

Ahhhh, FINALLY! A reason to stay indoors again. It is now September and with that comes a new wave of programming designed to keep you on your ass. Because I am so excited for this great time, I have decided to list out some of the shows that have my interest and how I feel about their future. Here are some of FOX’s shows.


Bones – I really do like this show… I swear. It’s just been a while… so forgive me while I vent. Boooooo! Make this show not suck anymore! I demand it! Oh well, guess I’ll keep watching anyway…

Fringe – Hands down, this is the show I’m most excited to see return. Fringe blew me away last season with how quickly it managed to start getting their story telling together and how they managed to ramp up so absurdly in the span of one season. My ultimate pet peeve with TV shows is when they drag their feet getting from one story arch to another. Granted, I’m not sure that Fringe is actually GOING anywhere, the story has gotten so crazy that I don’t even care. Hoping this show really comes into its own this season, and I’ll be re-watching season 1 until season 2 starts.

Dollhouse – I find it very ironic that when FOX finally decides to learn their lesson and give Joss Whedon’s show a ton  of support, it winds up being a show that probably doesn’t deserve it. Dollhouse’s first season had some issues. Some say it got better towards the end, but I still have a slight problem; and that happens to be the fact that I still think it’s really dumb. Why am I watching a show where my main character changes her character every episode? Why am I supposed to care about the people who work in a company that practically whore people out to wealthy clients? However, I do have faith in Joss Whedon and I am a strong believer that ANYTHING can be worth watching if you get the right storyteller involved. Needless to say, this show will be testing that theory in season 2. Wait… what’s that? Summer Glau? In Dollhouse Season 2? Fuck complaints! This season’s gonna rock!

He's always gonna be a drug addicted ass... I get it...

He's always gonna be a drug addicted ass... I get it...

House – Oh Gregory… House seems to have a bunch of energy still left in its extremely procedural body. Season 4 breathed new life into House when it was already starting to show some signs of wearing out. Season 5, although not as fantastic as season 4, showed that it still knows how to surprise me. I’m excited for this season merely because the show hasn’t really let me down yet; although I am not really looking forward to another “House in rehab” stunt.

Lie To Me – This show wasn’t half bad in its first season, but I’d be lying if I said I cared that it was coming back or anything. It’ll be paired with House, so I’ll watch it at least until 24 moves it. One of The Shield’s creative minds is now running the show, so that does make me curious…


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