Random Music Pontifications: #18,492 – Stone Temple Pilots

Here they come, come, come...

So a couple of years ago, the Stone Temple Pilots finally got back together. I never thought much of the news and kept more of a “I’ll believe it when I see it” kind of mentality. After all, Scott Weiland had announced he was going to do another solo album first; so we’d have to hope he could stay out of legal trouble long enough to not only finish his solo album, tour to support it, and then still remain on good terms with the other band members before we could ever hope to see their reunion actually result in new material. Somehow, the stars aligned and it seems we’re actually going to see a new album from STP on May 25th.

This finally hit me like a ton of bricks after reading a review of a show the Stone Temple Pilots played at South By Southwest. The show is the opening act for their U.S. tour to support their self-titled new album. It wasn’t until I read this article that I realized how much I’ve been missing the Stone Temple Pilots; after all it has been 9 years since we’ve last seen a new album from them. To tide the world over in the 9 years, we’ve been able to listen to Scott Weiland in Velvet Revolver and the DeLeo brothers in Army Of Anyone; but now after all this time (and drug issues), everyone is finally on the same team again.

Like so many of the random reunions we’ve been getting, the Stone Temple Pilots are a Rip Van Winkle in the music world. Gone for a decade only to return to a complete change in music distribution, declining physical media sales, and major record companies on the verge of extinction. How will they perform when they return? Will anyone care that they’re back? Does the world even still want the Stone Temple Pilots?

This guy does, and let me tell you why. I’ve never considered myself a huge Stone Temple Pilots fan, but I would be lying if I didn’t say I was getting excited to see their return. Despite all of the changing STP had been doing on each of their albums, they’ve always rocked. The Stone Temple Pilots represent an era of rock and roll. An era that I grew up and discovered music during. Love him or hate him, Scott Weiland is a front man. He is a rock and roll singer. It’s his only job in the band, and he does it well. He’s an entertainer. He leads the band, he sells you on the music STP plays. When you see them live, he won’t just stand in one place and emote. You want to scream those choruses at the top of your lungs (and don’t forget that megaphone). Dean DeLeo is a rock and roll guitarist. Heavy distortion, crunchy riffs, chord master, solos and sometimes acoustic when necessary. They’re a rock and roll pair. Like Robert Plant/Jimmy Page, Mick Jagger/Keith Richards, or to a much lesser extent Scott Stapp/Mark Tremonti. They belong together. Their strengths complement each other. That’s not to say the other members of the band are worthless either; what would “Trippin’ on a hole in a paper heart” be without Robert DeLeo’s bass?


I think I’ve been lost in the indie-hipster movement too long. I mean no disrespect to any of the bands, but I am just getting tired of the sonic experiments or folksy emoting. I miss the four piece rock band. I miss the arrogant bravado of a lead singer. I miss a band that can be razor sharp one minute, and then ultra soft the next. I miss big, dumb arena rock. In a new world where everyman can be a musician, where have all the rock stars gone? Where are all the bands who have just as much personality in the tabloids as they do in their music?

Perhaps it’s unfair for me to be lumping all this onto STP. I don’t need to be told that there are still rock bands out there, nor does anyone need to justify the merit of any of the bands in the indie scene. I am aware that the Stone Temple Pilots are not the epitome of rock and roll goodness. To me, this is all a matter of timing. I’m feeling homesick for the rock and roll I used to know, and suddenly a rock band I thought long lost to me, is returning with a new album in May.

How does anyone else feel about this? Is STP just another overrated mega rock band from the 90’s that should just stay in the past? Is anyone else excited to see them come back? What about the classic style rock band, not needed?

Here’s the article that caused this pontification:



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  1. this is fuckin stupid

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