Television: Law & Order Criminal Intent – Goldblum Takes Over, Show Renamed to “Raines”

Jeff Goldblum - Criminal Intent

No, Criminal Intent has not been canceled, although in many ways, it has. I haven’t bothered posting this for a long time, so I could give myself plenty of time to deal with my feelings about it. When Law & Order: Criminal Intent was renewed for a 9th season, only Jeff Goldblum was given a full renewal to come back. The rest of the entire cast: Vincent D’onofrio (Goren), Kathryne Erbe (Eames), and Eric Bogosian (Ross) were all given the pink slip. Saffron Burrows will be joining the cast as Jeff Goldblum’s new partner and the show will just follow Goldblum and Burrows. Goren, Eames and Ross will be given a two parter at the beginning to give the show an opportunity to write their characters off.

Of course when I first heard about this I was a little upset. To imagine procedural television without Robert Goren is something I cannot do. However, this doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing. First off, we get two final episodes in which they can give the characters a fitting send off. At the very least we won’t get a one sentence explanation the episode after they leave saying “Oh yeah, they quit”, as is a trend in most Law & Order TV. I also think it might be time for the character of Robert Goren to be put to rest. Last season of Law & Order saw Goren all over the map when it came to presentation (See my season 8 review!) Another thing to think about is the fact that the show is now on USA instead of NBC. USA no longer gives Criminal Intent a full 22-24 episode season. Season 8 was 16 episodes long. With the show’s current format of following two different detectives, alternating every week, we only got 8 episodes of Goren/Eames last season. Now with 16 episodes to focus on ONE pair of detectives, a little more stability might be able to come to the show.

Only time will tell how Criminal Intent reacts to these dramatic changes, but if Law & Order’s past is any indication, cast changes don’t mean anything. It’ll be interesting to see Goldblum be the focus of an entire Law & Order show, NBC’s failed attempt at detective procedural “Raines” didn’t really give Jeff much to do. It’s clear USA is trying to give Criminal Intent another wacky lead character like all of their other popular shows, but I’m not sure how that’s going to fit in the gritty world of Law & Order…

Criminal Intent premieres March 30th!

Jeff Godlblum - Raines


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30 Responses to “Television: Law & Order Criminal Intent – Goldblum Takes Over, Show Renamed to “Raines””

  1. I am glad that this topic was discussed on this blog, totally agree with all the above, but there are some problems in the legal regulation in the light of recent changes in legislation. I would not wish to write here in great detail, much is written on the site … But thanks anyway!

  2. Season 8 was all over the place because of the writing. The Goren/Eames episodes were in the main very poorly plotted and written. Unlike the other L&Os were not so driven by just one character, Goren was the soul of LOCI, and without him it’ll be dead.

  3. Well, Season 8 suffered USA’s rescheduling, something I’ll never understand. You can’t just shuffle around episodes if there’s a story-arc going on!

    As for Season 9 – it could survive – mainly because the execs want it to survive and because causal viewers indeed may not care about the changes and they are the big numbers. However, the idea that SVU and CI are not tied to their (lead) characters is just not right. The original might not be, but the spin-offs are… and when you look around fandoms, many people vow not to watch – we’ll see whether it’ll be true…

  4. Season 8 was a mess because USA completely screwed up the order in which the shows aired. USA sabotaged the show and the wonderful work of the actors. Criminal Intent is Goren and Eames. When they are gone, so am I.

  5. It won’t fit into the “gritty” world of Law & Order because that world is no longer gritty at all. It’s been taken over by USA’s “blue skies” mantra and anyone who doesn’t go along is given the boot.

    The show is over without Goren and Eames. And if USA had given Criminal Intent its due last season, and showed the episodes IN ORDER, Goren would not have been “all over the map”. IMO, they did it on purpose. They torpedoed Goren and Eames and set up Nichols as the “hero”. Too bad. Because now I’m turning off Criminal Intent after the season opener.

    Buh-bye USA. I’d say it’s been nice but well…I don’t like to lie.

  6. I agree with the previous post, the show might as well be cancelled! Because once Goren & Eames are gone, I will not longer watch it & any real fan of the show won’t either. Without his crazy personality to solve the cases it just won’t be the same. Goodbye Law & Order CI REST IN PEACE!!

    • I feel such a loss after losing Goren and Eames. I never missed a single episode since the inception of the show. Watching alternate detectives was always tolerable, knowing that Goren and Eames would return. I will no longer watch this show.

  7. I too won’t be back after next week’s episode. I watched a few Goldblum episodes and it was ok but trite. Don’t know what it is with these shows. Just leave well enough alone. Even with SVU, the characters are now so judgemental, mean and aimless.

  8. I will miss Goren, I have been a big fan of CI even more than the other Law and Orders. I will give Jeff a try, I have always been a fan of his I like his off centeredness and I think he brings a little ofthat to the show so I will still watch, they changed so many characters on Law and Order it made my head spin.

  9. I won’t be watching it anymore. Just like CSI (Las Vegas) when Gil left it just wasn’t the same. I stopped watching it and with Goren and Eames leaving to it won’t be the same and I won’t be able to continue watching it with them gone.

  10. No Vincent D’onofrio, Kathryne Erbe, and Eric Bogosian — it is no longer Criminal Intent without them. it will be another USA fluff series of “Characters” not actors it will have no real plot, no real drama, just characters. Golblum should go back to making “Fly” movies or chasing dinosaurs.
    What are we gonna have quest shots with Fiona Glen Anne, Michael Weston and the inept Witsec crew from In Plain Sight

  11. No Vincent D’onofrio, Kathryne Erbe….NOOOOOOOOOOOO! I won’t watch anymore. I saw the fluff that is to replace Erbe. What is the matter with USA producers? Are they loosi8ng touch with their fans?

  12. I have been watching Law & Order: CI since the beginning. Now that Vincent D’onofrio (Goren) & Kathryne Erbe (Eames) that the will be gone, so am I. Goren made the show along with Eames. Bet it doesn’t make it another year…
    R.I.P – Law & Order:CI

  13. I’ll be gone too. Goren and Eames were Criminal Intent. It won’t be the same without them.

  14. Taking Foren and Eames off without any explanation lost the program for me. We all awaited tonight’sw episode, expecting to have Goren and Eames back in the saddle, or at least killed off or something.

    No explanation, just new characters. No way. Lousy programming and an unwarranted affront to L and O Criminal Intent fans.

    The actors playing Goren and Eames were wonderful. No offense to these new folks, but taking favorite characters off the screen like that was and is tacky, unacceptable. No need even to watch the whole episode tonight.

  15. Bring back my friends, please!

  16. I watched the “NEW CAST” of Criminal Intent. It was incredibly boring. It will be my last.
    I will no longer be watching the show now that Goren and Eames are gone. They made great partners,just like Benson and Stabler.
    So long CI. I will just have to look for the reruns now.

  17. I have to say since they took detectives Goren and Eames off i will not watch it. I sat and watch the first episode with out them and i hated it. I do not like the new detectives. It’s like a whole new show and its stupid. I guess i’m stuck watching re runs. I hope they never change the svu detectives because that will really upset me. I couldn’t see anyone taking stabler or bensons place. I hope some how law in order will realize that criminal intent will never be a good show anymore.

  18. I SO agree with Mimi ^ I miss Goren and Eames already!!!

  19. I wonder if USA really knows or cares how many long term CI fans walked out the door with Goren and Eames. This little scenario is the kiss of death for CI. Nothing against Goldbloom, but he’s not the reason CI fans watch and he never will be. So far his character has been nothing but a cheaper to pay Goren clone with a bit more of a smiling attitude and his new partner is certainly no Eames. No offense but I’ll take the originals, thanks. I walked with D’Onofrio, Erbe and Bogosian and I won’t be back, unless they are. I have the DVD’s so don’t watch USA at all anymore even for repeats. Honestly, I don’t miss it either.

  20. I gave the new show a try, but it is a far cry from the shows with Goren and Eames. They made the show what it was. I am walking now because the new cast does not have what it takes to keep my interest. The producers made a critical mistake. This is one viewer who will look for repeats.

  21. Yes, I do agree that the current waves of detectives are I guess bland in a way…no where NEAR Goren and Eames. To be honest, I stopped watching after season 5, because I did not like Chris Noth in the show and the fact that they alternated the detectives each week. I guess I understand why they did that (The show was starting to take it’s toll on D’Onofrio) but whihout Goren as the focus of the show….I can’t watch it anymore. Re-Runs for me!

  22. I understand the angst everyone here is feeling but don’t expect the show to be canceled like you think it will. Goren and Eames were great characters but they had really run their course. Combine that with the switch to a cable channel and you have to realize most old fans of the show already fell off between seasons 5 and 8. A lot of the L&O fans who decided to stick with CI did so because of Goldbloom. Almost all new fans jumped on b/c of him and none of them had grown to understand Goren. You can’t have two “weird” characters. You also can’t 1/2 please the new Goldbloom fan. This move ensured CI’s survival. I’m an old fan who isn’t exactly happy with it, but I’m not going anywhere.

  23. I was very happy to see that Jeff Goldblum was coming on Law and Order. However I am sorry to say that I will not be watching it any more and the reason is the background music is just too loud. Last night as the stars began speaking more softly the music got louder and while I happen not to like having my TV too loud when this happens I have to keep turning it up and down and I just gave up. Sorry to say but I for one am out! I know you don’t care if one person gives up on your show but at least I’ve had my say.

    • I’ve noticed this too, actually. I find everything about the music this season to be really strange. Volume and music selection in general.

  24. I think the writers are killing this series. Last week was a wierd story about a rich schizophrenic with a house full of valuable antiques and antique books. The beginning and ending has Jeff Goldblum’s character telling the story to someone (?) in London–What’s with that?

    This week is too much in my face with dog-fighting, human fighting and the kind of gang posturing some of us older viewers are sick of. I like Jeff and Saffron, but the story lines are over the top.

    I am old enough to remember the days without television. Sometimes I am tempted to cut the cable. Today I have my DVD player and can revisit the more mature writing of Law and Order and the intense stories of Special Victims. There are messages in those two series but Criminal Intent doesn’t seem to know where it is going.

    Shape up writers! You will kill a potentially decent cast.

    Bring back Vince Donofrio’s “Big Bird” character so he can resume nagging the perps to death like Columbo used to.

  25. Jeff Goldbloom is the worst actor ever and i will not watch Law and Order Criminal intent now that he is the lead.

  26. I like Goldblum, but his character has changed from the first show. too many lines for his sidekick (which we could do without) I miss Goren.

  27. I find the blog post and the comments to be very interesting. CI was my favorite Law & Order show almost exclusively because of Goren and Eames. Jeff Goldblum is also one of my favorite actors. However, the two leads of Goldblum and D-onofrio both had quirky characters. It shouldn’t be much of a surprise that one of them would have left.

    Still, I very much love the Goren and Eames characters. But it didn’t really disrupt the show very much. And I don’t think ratings have changed much better OR much worse with the new season. So from a TV exec’s point of view, things seem normal and fine. That said, its doubtful anything different will happen. The usual saying of, “nobody watches L&A”, which is generally true. CSI one ups L&A in general because it includes real characters with personalities and backstories…and tells them.

    I think we’re seeing the death of Law & Order in general. The original is no more. It’s still possible this shake up could be the nail in the coffin for CI. There’s 2 out of 3. Oh yeah, Stabler will be gone next season for SVU too, the death of another staple team. Stabler in my opinion is even more important than Goren. Perhaps CSI will completely take over now. Then again, I’ve heard rumors of a Law & Order: Los Angeles, so we’ll see what happens I guess.

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