Random Television Pontifications: #2 – In Defense Of Dana Walsh (and 24)

Note: This blog entry discusses plot points from 24 Season 8 as of March 22nd, 2010. If you’re not caught up, this could be potentially hazardous to your health.

Dana Walsh - Boring and annoying

There are many things that can be said about this current season of 24; but the one thing that almost everyone seems to universally agree on, is how much they hate the ongoing storyline with Dana Walsh (played by Katee Sackhoff). This story has been increasingly hard to watch, compounded by the fact that every time you think it’s going to wrap up, it finds new legs. It is then further compounded by the fact that they seem to be wasting all the potential they have with Sackhoff as an actress (from the critically adored Battlestar Galactica remake, and no, I haven’t finished the series, so mind your spoilers).

Dana’s storyline had built up so much frustration and hatred, that I would instantly love any character that chose to walk in and end it; by any means. Then the most recent episode happened. Everything came together in the most logical way possible. Dana Walsh is evil. We found that all along she’s been a mole working for Samir (random terrorist bad guy #27).

It seems that this reveal isn’t being as well received by others as it is by me. Complaints like “another mole!?” and “completely illogical and stupid” have been thrown around. I would like to address some of these complaints and present my view on them.

  • “Another mole!?” – I feel that this complaint is moot when it comes to 24. Every season of 24 has been littered with moles. Hell, even last season when CTU only existed in an underground capacity and only consisted of 4 people, 1 of them was still working with a hidden agenda. Moles are as much a part of 24 as terrorists and bomb threats. I also don’t think this was the episode to start complaining about her being a mole. We’ve known all season that she illegally infiltrated CTU under a new alias. If anything, her working for terrorists makes the fact that she pulled that off more plausible.
  • “Illogical and stupid” – Is it a twist just for the sake of having a twist? Probably. However, I feel that this turn of events makes some of her past decisions much more believable. She didn’t mind breaking the law for Kevin, because she’s already a soulless character working for terrorists. Cool. If Kevin blew the whistle on her fake alias, he’d be inadvertently thwarting the terrorist attempt; so she had ample reason to not let him screw it up. Does this make any of the lost hours enduring her story better? Not really, but at least they’re mildly more understandable.
  • Potential – This is key. Now that Dana Walsh is a full fledged evil terrorist, we have potential. Not only does Sackhoff finally get to play a competent badass again, this raises a whole new issue for Freddie Prinze’s half decent character. This is his version of a Nina Meyers story.

Dana Walsh - Evil and Exciting!

24 is a difficult show. You can’t take it too seriously. I’m tired of hearing complaints about how things aren’t matching up to real time. Now, I will admit the show does seem to be losing steam, but it still offers more action and suspense than most shows on television. This season has been lacking purpose, and more importantly a real villain. I’m not sure we have purpose yet, but my god did I hate Dana Walsh. Now I’m supposed to hate her and I couldn’t be happier. I look forward to finding out her real motivations and what problems she’ll be causing everyone throughout the day. This season is finally starting to look up again.


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